Fut is a Button Soccer game, with Replay, Highlights, Player CPU and other funny features. 
The game consists of a soccer field, where players try to push the disc into the goal box. Can be played against CPU or against other human. There's also a CPU vs CPU option. 
Fut is a free software, released under the GPL license. So everyone has permission to copy, distribute and/or modify it. 
Currently, Fut is available only for Windows, but you can run the source in other platforms, with some requirements.
Click here to download the latest version of Fut (for Windows). 
You can optionally download the source code (cross-platform), in ZIP or RAR formats.
Releases / Changes
- Added translations (languages available: German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese (BR), Spanish). 
- Collision system optimized. 
- Fixed the bug of disc (the "ball") border collision. 
- Framerate control. 
- Auto-saving for preferences. 
- Mute option. 
- AI enhancements. 
- Scrollable menu. 
- Other little optimizations. 
- The first release.
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